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by Roger Wood

Ever wondered about all the things you need to know in order to produce a successful and profitable Belly Dance

The basic elements of every show & performance are to engage your audience, showcase this dance with respect
for its cultural roots and present it as the beautiful art form it is and sometimes to make money!

Have a great idea for a Halfa but not sure how to proceed?

Would you like help with cost effective promotion?  Do you need to know more about staging, lighting and sound
systems?   As a dancer, do you understand lights and shadows so the audience can see those awesome shimmies
or highlight the silhouette you want to showcase?   Help make sure the Videographer & Photographer can get the
best shots of you for that video you've been dying to put on your website or YouTube, or for the business cards and
advertising photos to help promote your business.

Basic Production for Belly Dance is written as a guide to help dancers, producers & directors, plan, market & execute
a successful dance event.

Even if you're just a dancer, the information is of incredible value to understand the dynamics of shows, staging and
the "behind the scenes" that help make every production successful.

Chapters include:

* What is Production & Who is the Producer?
* The Basics - What You Need,  Why Are You Producing?  Auditions? Demographics, The "Bellysphere", What
Motivates An Audience?
* The Venue - Considerations & Locations, What Time?  Conflict Avoidance.
* Production - Making A Show, Giving Credit, Rules & Policies, Attention Span & Show Length, Rehearsal, Stage
Management, Safety, Special Considerations for Live Music & Workshops
* Promotion - Truth in Advertising, Eliminate the Barriers, Collaboration, Marketing Mechanisms
* Getting Technical - The Sound of Music-Building a System, The Performance Area, Light for Effect
* Distractions - Backdrops, Special Effects & Atmospherics
* Economics - Revenue, Pricing, Merchandise, Volunteers, Expenses
* Wrapping It Up - Play Well With Others, Thank Everyone, When Things Go Wrong
* Resources
* Checklists

Written by Roger Wood, a professional performance photographer with years of background experience in theater
production.  Self-published on high quality paper with glossy front and back covers.  Back cover features a stunning
photo of Rachel Brice taken by the author during one of Rachel's shows in DC in 2006.

This is one resource book that belongs in every dancers library!

As Roger says, "You could be the first belly dance show that someone sees, make sure you're not the last."

Customers have said, "This book is wonderful.  It will help SO much!"

To order Basic Production for Belly Dance, $22.00 plus $4.00 (US) Shipping:  

Own the debut album from Tunisian born and now San Francisco based singer MC RAI!

Raivolution is a hard hitting collection of tracks that brings the underground
alternative music world to the doorstep of the Sahara.  
Well known in his native Tunisia from regular performances on radio & television,
MC Rai is considered a contemporary of a new generation Rai singers and Raivolution
is a celebration of this style.

The disk spans the range of styles with Arabesque bumping grooves,
Raggaton, Indy Rock, Hip Hop and straight up Rock Anthems.
Although the vocals are in Arabic, the emotion that comes off the music
is universal and heartfelt.  
MC Rai has worked with acclaimed RAI artists:  Khaled, and Cheb I Sabbah as well as
sharing the stage with, Bonnie Raitt, Joan Baez & Michael Franti.

Produced by
Jef Stott (Lumin, Stellamara, Six Degrees), MC RAI and Omar Fadel.
Raivolution is a wonderful collection of world class songs for dancers of all styles!

Check out
YouTube Documentary &  YouTube Video Performance
Plus visit the Official MC Rai website for current tour information & more about this
talented artist!

To order this amazing cd, $12.98 plus $3.00 shipping (US):
Core Training for Belly Dancers
Gerson Kuhr, The Fitness Pharaoh!

Well known in the Washington, DC area, Gerson Kuhr is The Fitness Pharaoh!

A certified Fitness Instructor and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength Professionals Associates
as well as a personal fitness trainer, body builder and power lifter, Gerson has created a unique and proven
method to help every dancer strengthen their inner core and attain a better dance posture.

The exercises contained in this DVD are clearly and easily defined.
From beginners to professionals, every dancer knows how strenuous Belly Dance can be on the body.
It's critical that dancers warm up, train and prepare their bodies for the rigors of a performance.
In just minutes a day, this DVD helps to focus, train and strengthen your core muscles of the abdominal and
lower back that will help to give an elegant and extended line for the body and help reduce the risk of injury
from movements that may be done improperly or with a sway back.

Dancers across the country have been raving about this DVD since it's release in 2006.
Enjoy a fun and challenging workout.
Special bonus performances by the professional Belly Dancers who demonstrate the exercises.
I wonderful addition to any dancers library and a great gift too!

Includes an extensive detailed color booklet with explanations & illustrations!

To order Core Training for Belly Dancers

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