Eye Kandy
Glitter Raks Colors
The Ultimate in Eye & Body Glitter!

From children to adults, everyone is catching the glitter craze!
Check out the amazing custom blended
Glitter Raks Line created by Rom Deussen!

Photos this page courtesy of Rom Deussen
Glitter Wheel by R. Wood
Eye Kandy Corporate
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ShamRaqs - Bright emerald green
seemingly straight out of Ireland

Tulip - A purple/magenta

Zahaira - A rich dark blood red/ black

Petite Syrah - Purple/lilac with hints
of red

Lime Light Sugar - Lime green with light
yellow tones & iridescence

True Red  -

Pretty Hot  - Neon/Buble gum pink

Solar Flare - Pink, orange & gold

Lilac - Soft and delicate as a Hyacinth's petals

Metallic Pumpkin - Luscious copper,
orange, rust

Twisted Sister  -

SkyeWalker  -

Antimony Also  - A holographic lilac
silver, with heavy gold, light green, and
a hint of magenta undertones

Seeing Stars  - A  black/blue
base, with iridescent, green, gold, red,
purple, and more blues
Photos coming soon of:

Dancer Basic - Gold. silver & holographic iridescence

Eastern Sunrise - Gold, orange, peach & holographic

Jim Boz's Butch Blend -
Copper, bronze, tan, gold (think caramel fudge!)

Princess Farhana's Psychedelic Sunset -
A beautiful tangerine, gold, and pink combination that can be
used as a liner or as a sugar.  All profits go to Voice of Roma.
Designed by the Princess herself!

Rom's O Lungo Drom -
A signature color honoring her Roma heritage!

Tempest's Silver Screen Siren -
Iridescence pale green, blue, gold
(think Seafoam/underwater mermaid!) Amazing!

All designed by the dancers!!

Also, photos coming of:
Ice Queen/Sour Blast, Lilac Dream, Ethereal EVP Reading,
Sunny Side Up, and Nebula!

Kaihea / Shock Tart - Striking electric

Rachel  Brice's "Rachel's"  Rooster Tail -

Designed by and worn by Rachel Brice.  

Black, dark green, dark blue, with flecks of
light green and gold.
Photo by Marta